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5 Beautiful Ways to Feel Uplifted This Weekend

It might have been a particularly long week, or perhaps you’re simply looking forward to some you-time. Either way, the weekend is the ideal time to relax, unwind and feel uplifted. From anti aging face cream to at-home cellulite treatment, we provide a round-up of our favourite ways to give yourself a natural boost as the weekend begins.

Start a supplement course to release your radiance

The chance to feel and look better in two weeks doesn’t require a time machine – it just involves a course of the 14-Day Express Anti-aging & Radiance Concentrate. These 14 powerful daily shots work from the inside out to firm up skin and minimise the appearance of wrinkles, as well as activating the production of melanin to extend your summer tan.

Give your face an intense moisture boost

There are several options for firming face cream for a hydration boost, but one of our favourites is the Intense Hydration Smoothing Serum for a fuss-free smoothing effect. We also love the potent Eye & Lip Contour Cream in its convenient golden pen, for an instant firming eye cream result. Of course, it’s always best to book in an appointment at your nearest LPG endermologie clinic to identify the ideal face treatment options for you.

Spray your way to lighter-feeling legs

If you’re feeling weighed down, the Light Legs Mist developed by LPG is an ideal way to lighten and brighten up on a Saturday morning. Simply spray the mist from your ankles and along your legs, and the ingredients will boost superficial microcirculation and reinforce venous walls to reduce that heavy sensation. The mist also has a toning effect thanks to its 5% red algae extract.

Feel wonderful with a Wellbox session

If you have your own Wellbox[S] at home, a quick maintenance session will have you feeling toned, smoothed and uplifted in all the right places. You might focus on larger areas such as the thighs, stomach and arms to prepare for bikini season, then take the time for a facial massage with a firming effect.

Treat yourself with an after-care face mask

There’s nothing quite like a cosmetic face mask to really let those worries melt away, and LPG’s Post-care Eye Contour Mask will help fine lines melt away too. The fabric mask is specifically designed to target the eye contour area, which can so often have lower levels of collagen and elastin fibres, with an instant and intense firming effect.

Remember – if you haven’t already booked a session at your nearest LPG endermologie clinic, this can be the best way to find the right treatment plan for you.

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