LPG® Light Legs Mist 200ml


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The LPG® Light Legs Mist reduces the sensation of heavy legs; it stimulates microcirculation and decongests in the legs.

Specifically it:

  • Drains and tones the legs
  • Promotes circulatory comfort and well-being


The LPG® Light Legs Mist is a cutting-edge, personalised cosmetic solution and was developed by experts in skin mechanisms for more than 30 years in Endermologie® by LPG®. It is sold in a 200 ml trigger spray bottle which contains light, non-sticky, scented spray specifically designed for quick-absorption and ultra-fast drying. It is part of the endermologie® Fluid Mobilization protocol by LPG® which reduces the sensation of heavy legs or swelling. 

Good to Know:

‘Heavy legs’ gives a sensation of swelling due to poor circulation. It is due to the impairment of blood flow from the legs to the heart. Find your nearest LPG® Endermologie centre to get the best face treatment option for you. 


The LPG® Light Legs Mist is to be sprayed onto the skin upwards starting from the ankles up to the legs. It can be applied as often as needed at any moment of the day, in both winter and summer. 


To complete your light legs routine, use the LPG® Light Legs Mist with other Endermologie® products in this order:

  1. Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream
  2. Light Legs Mist


Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to high temperature.


The LPG® Light Legs Mist contains 7% LPG® Toning Complex which consists of 2% synergy of 3 vegetal active ingredients:

  • Arnica
  • Cypress Seal
  • Solomon’s Seal 

These ingredients boost superficial microcirculation, and reinforce venous walls to reduce the sensation of heavy legs. The mist also contains 5% red algae extract selected for its toning, decongesting and soothing properties on cutaneous skin microcirculation.


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