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3 Reasons Everyone is Talking About Wellbox[S]

The Wellbox[S] from LPG is making waves, and for good reason. As much of the world has been affected by lockdowns and social restrictions, the benefits of a home-based cellular stimulation experience have become clearer than ever. Here are three key reasons why everyone is talking about Wellbox[S].

  1. endermologie treatment works.
    We know by now that the endermologie treatment, developed by LPG in France, is an effective way to combat cellulite and trim inches from the body. With the patented rolling and suction action, fat deposits are freed up and circulation is boosted, for firmer and more supple skin. Over multiple sessions the appearance of cellulite is minimised; toxins can drain away; and contours are firmed without a single injection or chemical. The simple reason that everyone is talking about Wellbox in Australia is that the device brings these effective endermologie treatments into the home for regular sessions.
  2. Wellbox[S] makes home treatment simple and convenient.
    So we know that endermologie works, but just as with exercise, it will take regular sessions to maintain optimal results. Wellbox[S] is designed to complement clinic sessions and endermologie cosmetics so that you can enjoy the benefits (and value) on an ongoing basis. It may not always be convenient to be attending sessions for endermologie cellulite treatment near you, however, it is easy to find six minutes per day for a quick and relaxing session at home. Used together with endermologie cosmetic products, results can be optimised and easily maintained over time.
  3. Wellbox[S] is more powerful than ever.
    The original Wellbox was effective – but the new Wellbox[S] is twice as powerful. The professional aesthetic equipment now boasts 16Hz suction, which means 16 suctions per second designed for shorter sessions and faster results. Wellbox[S] provides more than 14 new body treatments and 12 new face treatment routines so you can choose your target areas and the appropriate power to suit your skin sensitivity. It’s a full body and facial treatment solution, and a worthwhile investment to look and feel wonderful for years to come.

If you haven’t yet discovered why everyone is talking about the natural and sustainable benefits of Wellbox[S], it’s time to find out for yourself. Find a clinic close to you for your personalised treatment plan, and consider investing in the at-home equipment as a new and effortless part of your daily routine. It’s one of the most effective, convenient and cost-effective ways to keep cellulite at bay.

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