Do Home Endermologie Treatments Hurt? - Do Home Endermologie Treatments Hurt

Do Home Endermologie Treatments Hurt?

We’ve all become familiar with the ‘no pain no gain’ approach to beauty, exercise and particularly treatments to do with managing cellulite – but does this apply to endermologie treatment as well? The endermologie concept, developed in France by LPG experts, uses targeted rolling and suction action to massage the skin. This both helps to improve circulation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. These two effects are why endermologie is proven to be such an effective treatment to target cellulite.

So for all of these benefits, should you expect any pain during endermologie sessions?

Do home endermologie treatments hurt?

The simple answer is, no! Whether you’re attending in-clinic sessions or using your Wellbox[S] endermologie machine for home use, the experience feels much more like a deep massage than any harsh procedure. The endermologie procedure has been developed for safe, natural and long-term use, and as such the equipment is designed to produce noticeable changes over time as opposed to drastic alternatives. The patented body suit, which is carefully designed for your privacy, also aids in smooth application during the endermologie process.

What sensations should I expect?

As the handpiece rolls over your body, you might be able to feel the interchangeable treatment head massaging or suctioning your skin with a very tolerable sensation. You can expect a pleasant and relaxing experience, and many people who use endermologie actually treat session times as a chance to unwind from their everyday stresses and worries. After treatment many feel lighter and more energetic, thanks to the boosting effects of endermologie sessions on the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

What happens if I do feel pain either during or after treatment?

endermologie treatment should not hurt. In fact, if you do experience any level of discomfort, it’s likely that the professional aesthetic equipment should be better adjusted to your skin sensitivity. If you do feel any pain during a session, it’s important to either tell your clinician or to adjust the power settings on your at-home Wellbox. Rest assured that any pain should go away and would leave no lasting damage, but there’s simply no need to put up with discomfort at all. endermologie is a no pain, all gain experience designed for regular and comfortable use.

You can explore the Wellbox page for more on the LPG endermologie experience and its demonstrated benefits, or book sessions in at an endermologie-equipped clinic in your area.

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