How Do I Keep Lip Wrinkles At Bay Naturally? - How Do I Keep Lip Wrinkles At Bay Naturally

How Do I Keep Lip Wrinkles at Bay Naturally?

Who wouldn’t want naturally kissable lips? While factors such as time, UV damage, genetics and physical movement can lead to fine lines around our lips, the good news is that there’s plenty we can do to minimise lip wrinkles without turning to injections or unnatural solutions. Here are four fast and natural tips for lips that are smooth and sumptuous.

  1. Always apply SPF protection before going out in the sun
    Take good care of your lips and they’ll take good care of you. A natural lip balm or sunscreen with SPF15 protection will ideally be part of everyone’s morning routine to deflect damage from the sun. A spot of the Cellular Defense Anti-Aging Cream does the trick nicely with its SPF30 protection.
  2. Minimise the pursing motion
    While our lips are their most beautiful when they’re smiling and laughing, regular puckering or pursing movements can contribute to unwanted lip wrinkles over time. The two big offenders are smoking and drinking through straws, so consider cutting down on these and enjoy the benefits.
  3. Prime pouts before applying makeup
    Prep is everything when it comes to smooth makeup application, from lips to total eye care. Our Eye & Lip Contour Cream is an ultra-hydrating option that firms the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and eyes. Apply the anti aging lip cream generously in the lip contour area in a smooth outward motion morning and night, and let it absorb before applying makeup.
  4. Choose moisturising lip balms and lipsticks
    Lips can suffer in cold, wind, dry or wintery conditions, but lip balms and lipsticks with natural moisturiser built right in can keep your lips perfectly hydrated. Hydration from the inside out is a big factor too, so be sure to drink water regularly and even more so when the environment is cold, dry or hot.
  5. Target the area with endermologie treatment
    If you’re lucky enough to have a Wellbox at home (or an endermologie clinic in your area) then consider this one of the best natural beauty solutions for your lips. Wellbox has a facial treatment head and settings that can be used on the mouth contour area, to firm and plump the skin and smooth fine lines.

If you’re looking for some expert advice on how to treat fine lines around the lips or would like to enquire about effective and natural skin treatments close to home, you can easily search for a clinic in your area with specialist endermologie experience and equipment.

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