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What Types of Ingredients Are Used in LPG Endermologie Products?

The demand for thoughtfully derived and natural beauty solutions is ever-increasing, as people become increasingly informed and aware of harmful ingredients that could do more harm than good. So how do LPG endermologie’s products stack up when it comes to product ingredients?

Less is more

The French team behind LPG has always been driven by effectiveness, and as such each endermologie product is designed for optimal efficacy. This means that as each product is developed, the focus is on maximising the concentration of active ingredients while leaving out anything that won’t be beneficial. More concentrated ingredients means a more effective product, and it also means that less product is needed upon each application. endermologie skincare cosmetics are quickly absorbed into the skin so they can start working quickly. These face and body cosmetics are developed to suit any skin type, including those with sensitive skin. Our nutricosmetics are also developed using naturally effective ingredients such as carrot juice and seaweed collagen.

What we choose to leave out

We’re proud to say that there aren’t parabens or phenoxyethanol in any endermologie products. Why is this so important?

Parabens are widely used in cosmetics and food products as a preservative, but there is concern about their potential endocrine-disrupting properties. While small concentrations won’t have much effect, the fact that many of the products in our lives contain parabens can cause concern about concentrated levels in the body. In fact, the European Union banned the use of parabens in cosmetic products back in 2012.

Phenoxyethanol is also often used as a preservative due to its anti-bacterial qualities, however in large concentrations it may affect the central nervous system, liver, kidney and brain, as well as causing skin and lung irritation.

It’s for these reasons that LPG has developed each of its cosmetic products with alternative preserving ingredients, negating the need for parabens or phenoxyethanol.

Down to the detail

You can view the ingredient section on any of our product pages to see exactly what’s included in each product. For example, if you’re searching for natural sunscreen, our Cellular Defense Anti-Aging Cream contains Vitamin E for antioxidant action as well as carotenoid for a radiant complexion and minimised wrinkles.

Of course, our cosmetic and nutricosmetic products are complemented with the 100% natural endermologie treatment. The endermologie aesthetic equipment provides mechanical stimulation to reactivate dormant cells and their natural production of collagen and elastin. So when you’re searching for natural beauty solutions, you can look to endermologie in Australia with absolute confidence.

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