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LPG Endermologie
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LPG skin care products for beauty-conscious men and women.

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Delivers a tensing effect around the delicate eye contour area specifically targeting the signs of skin aging


Creates a natural hollowing effect on your cheeks and aims to correct skin according to your skin age


Facilitates the body’s elimination functions, stimulates metabolism, and helps destroy fat within the body


Reduces the sensation of heavy legs; it stimulates microcirculation and decongests in the legs


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Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin firmer within 14 days of use



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Helps to eliminate excess water to smooth the skin and streamline legs and promotes circulatory well-being



Burn fat, drain and detoxify the body


Beauty that looks like you. NATURAL. HEALTHY. SUSTAINABLE.

Did you know that all LPG endermologie® cosmetics and nutricosmetics are the perfect complement to endermologie® beauty clinic treatments? The endermologie® technique is a 100% natural, leading French treatment using the patented technology of mechano-stimulation. Reducing lines, wrinkles, and reshaping the face and body, LPG treatments combined with cosmetics are the perfect cocktail for fast, effective results.

If you are interested in finding a beauty clinic near you that offers LPG endermologie® treatments, please use our clinic finder below.


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