How Long Does Organic Slimming Tea Take To Work? - How Long Does Organic Slimming Tea Take To Work

How Long Does Organic Slimming Tea Take to Work?

Slimming teas have gained popularity recently, promoted as a good way to lose weight and cleanse the body. However, tea has historically been known to hold many benefits, especially in Asian cultures. Specifically, it is recognised to aid digestion, rid the body of impurities, and stimulate one’s metabolism.

Modern slimming teas fall into different categories and promise a variety of benefits. This can include boosting the metabolism, suppressing appetite and blocking fat.

How long does slimming tea take to work?

Most slimming teas will be advertised as 14 or 28-day teas. However, you will realistically start to see effects 8-12 hours after drinking your first cup. As with any product, the effects will vary and depend on your specific body type, fat distribution, diet, level of exercise and metabolism.

Some slimming and weight loss teas are purported to contain ingredients that are potentially dangerous when consumed in large quantities. To this effect, we recommend opting for organic teas where the ingredients are clearly listed.

Organic slimming teas

Endermologie’s 14-day Express Organic Slimming Tea is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that will burn fat, drain and detoxify the body in just 14 days. In addition to purifying your body, it will make you feel lighter and trigger weight loss. The tea does this through its ingredients, which include:

  • 16% Chinese Green Tea
    Green tea is one of the healthiest drinking options, with its naturally-occurring polyphenols showing potential in assisting with weight loss and metabolic improvement. This ingredient also stimulates lipolysis and slows down the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates.

  • 14% Egyptian Fennel
    Not only is fennel fantastic in stimulating one’s metabolism, but its seeds contain dietary fibres that help you stay fuller for longer. Fennel is known to facilitate urinary excretion, removing the remnants of uric acid in the blood, and stimulating intestinal transit, breaking down stomach acids to prevent the accumulation of additional fat in the liver.

  • 14% Moroccan Mint and 11% Moroccan Peppermint
    Moroccan Mint and Peppermint teas have been used for centuries to aid digestion. The phenolic compounds in this ingredient help boost metabolism while the naturally-occurring oils break down and remove gas from the digestive tract.

  • 10% Sri Lankan Ginger
    In addition to being a delicious ingredient, ginger has the benefits of decreasing inflammation, stimulating digestion, suppressing appetite, and lessening intestinal disorders like bloating. It possesses compounds known as gingerols and shogaols, which help facilitate the body processes the burn and store fat.

  • 8% French Nettle
    French Nettle has been recognised for its ability to eliminate toxins that are accumulated in the body. However, it is also beneficial for high water retention, with its diuretic effects decreasing water weight and other forms of swelling.

  • 5% Brazilian Guarana
    Popularly used in energy drinks, guarana contains caffeine which can facilitate weight loss by boosting the metabolism and slowing down the appetite. It also suppresses the genes that aid in fat cell production.

Indulge in the breathtaking aromas and delicious flavours of Endermologie’s 14-day Express Organic Slimming Tea.

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