Will The Wellbox[S] Help You Lose Weight? - Will The Wellboxs Help You Lose Weight

Will the Wellbox[S] Help You Lose Weight?

Thousands of people around the world have discovered the benefits of Endermologie treatments. This non-invasive technology has improved the look of cellulite and skin, firming and tightening the appearance of problem spots and reducing wrinkles. However, many still ask: Can Endermologie help me lose weight?

Endermologie can assist in losing weight, toning the skin and is effective in the treatment of the appearance of cellulite. It is not a weight loss solution by itself. However, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, Endermologie can definitely help you tone and sculpt your body more effectively. Here’s how:

The benefits of diet and exercise

When it comes to looking after your body, maintaining a proper diet and taking part in regular exercise are the best things you can do for yourself. Not only will this help you reduce the risk of disease and illness, but proper diet and exercise allow you to maintain a healthy weight and present healthy skin and hair.

Unfortunately, as we get older, it can become more challenging to address stubborn spots of fat, and diet and exercise by themselves may not be enough to reduce cellulite. Physical trainers and nutritionists acknowledge that when you eat healthily and exercise, your body will naturally reduce the amount of fat in the areas where it’s easiest to do so. This is usually your face, breasts and upper body. However, your body will also keep fat in specific areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and lower belly.

Along with the weight loss also comes issues of skin elasticity. If you lose a significant amount of weight, the skin that covers those areas can become stretched, resulting in the eponymous stretch marks. Along with this, the loss of fat may accentuate wrinkles and fine lines and cause sagging in areas of your body. This is where Endermologie treatments can provide the most benefit.

How adding Endermologie treatments will help

As stated above, there will be parts of your body that simply cannot shift the weight despite a change in diet and regular exercise. However, Endermologie can assist through its suction and compression techniques. The ROLL’In, ROLL’Up and ROLL’Out actions work to trigger intensive biological responses, stimulating fat cells and breaking up the layers of fat and cellulite under the skin, which makes toning exercises more effective. In conjunction, Endermologie will improve the flow of blood to your skin, which revitalises elastin and collagen production, minimising the appearance of cellulite.

After just a few sessions of Endermologie, used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will start seeing significant changes to your both as your loose skin is tightened firmed and cellulite is smoothed.

Find out how the Wellbox® at-home Cellular Stimulation provides a safe and effective method of carrying out Endermologie treatments in the comfort of your own home.

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