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What’s the Best Aesthetic Equipment for Home Use?

With beauty technologies readily becoming more available, there are many of us looking for aesthetic clinic equipment that we can safely and effectively use at home. World-class skin treatments aren’t just limited to clinics these days – in fact, you can find ways to tighten and tone without leaving your front door!

So what’s the best aesthetic equipment for home use? Here are the qualities to look for in any choice.

Requirement #1: Effectiveness

This is the key factor, because you’ll only want to invest in home beauty clinic treatments if they will provide real results and have you feeling great. It’s important to consider the outcomes and expectations with any potential investment in aesthetic equipment. For example, Wellbox® [S] has had its effectiveness scientifically documented, with:

  • An average loss of 1.5 cm around the thighs, and
  • 78% of women believing that their skin looks younger after treatment.

This French technology also reactivates production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid with a completely natural process.

Requirement #2: Usability for all target areas

Why buy multiple products when one proven piece of equipment can target multiple areas? It’s worth looking for flexibility in your home aesthetic equipment. Wellbox includes five interchangeable treatment heads designed to treat various body parts, from the delicate facial skin to arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks. The lift and roll heads are also configured to suit every skin type.

Requirement #3: Ease of use

  1. Satisfaction study carried out by the American Cellulite Task Force Laboratory (Miami, USA) on the personal use of Wellbox® on one thigh by 21 women aged 25 to 55, for 10 weeks.
  2. Satisfaction study carried out in New York by Clinical Research Laboratories (New York, USA) on the personal use of Wellbox® on one-half of the face by 36 women aged 35 to 55, for 4 weeks.

When you’re using your aesthetic clinic equipment several times per week, it’s vital that it’s easy to use – this both ensures that you can apply the treatment effectively, and that you can use the equipment regularly to maximise results. For example, Wellbox provides an intuitive user experience and a range of settings to suit any level of skin sensitivity, all carefully configured by LPG® experts. It’s also ideal for regular use, with several sessions a week recommended at the beginning of a program and a monthly session typically enough to maintain the results over time.

Requirement #4: Safety

Naturally,it’s essential to find home aesthetic equipment thatwill improve your wellbeing rather than risk it. Wellbox is entirely free of chemicals or injections, using a mechanising process to firm the skin and minimise cellulite without any side effects. Your skin feels invigorated, and in fact this treatment stands out as an option where liposuction might not be possible or appropriate. The system can also be used for facial treatments that don’t restrict movement or expression (as some injections can), so you can have beautiful skin and keep your beautiful smile. If you are searching for aesthetic equipment suppliers for painless, effective and safe beauty treatments at home, then consider Wellbox [S]. Because you can book sessions in with a clinic close to you, you can see for yourself how effective this home aesthetic treatment can truly be.

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