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As part of the “endermoslim” range, the new LPG® Body Shaping Gel targets and smooths resistant fat on the body. Using a combination of slimming ingredients, the Body Shaping Gel works to:

  • Inhibit fat storage (particularly from the hips, thighs, stomach, waist, and arms)
  • Reduce the appearance of stubborn fat pockets
  • Sculpt and tone the figure


The Body Shaping Gel comes in a 200ml tube and is silky-smooth in texture. The light gel consistency is specifically designed to facilitate body massage and to allow for deep absorption. Formulated with the new LPG® complex and three slimming ingredients (Plankton, Bergamot, and Purple Loosestrife), the Body Shaping Gel visibly redefines and shapes the figure.

This product is also available in a cream form.

Good to know:

Fat retention or stubborn fat in the body is caused by slow body metabolism and fast calorie intake. Over time, this retention in the body becomes noticeable and increasingly difficult to target. LPG® endermologie treatments are professional beauty treatments that naturally reduce resistant fat. Regular LPG® endermologie treatments used in combination with the Body Shaping Gel will enhance results.

Find your nearest LPG® Endermologie centre now for the best treatment option for you.

The LPG® Body Shaping Gel can be applied daily, in the morning and night.  First, warm the product up by rubbing between the hands and then apply liberally to the areas of the body that you would like to target. The gel is fast drying and non-greasy, meaning you can get dressed straight after applying.


To increase absorption of the product and practice relaxation, use a gentle kneading motion when applying the Body Shaping Gel to the body. If you would prefer a thicker, creamier consistency, we recommend trying the alternative Body Shaping Cream.

Complementary products:

To complete your daily LPG® body ritual, use the Body Shaping Gel with other body sculpting endermologie cosmetics in this order:

  1. Vitality Booster
  2. Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream
  3. Body Shaping Gel (or Body Shaping Cream)


The reformulated LPG® Body Shaping Gel contains the exclusive LPG® complex (red algae hydrolysate and pure caffeine for optimised slimming effects) and three plant-derived ingredients: plankton, bergamot, and purple loosestrife extracts. Plankton targets the adipocytes (fat cells) to reduce fat storage. Bergamot visibly soothes and smooths the skin. Purple Loosestrife helps to firm, tone and nourish the areas it is applied to.


  • Paraben-free
  • Phenoxyethanol-free


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