Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream 150ml


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The Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream nourishes, firms, and smoothens skin by peeling old skin and exposing ‘new skin’ effect day after day.

Specifically it:

  • It causes micro-peeling action for revitalized skin
  • Reduces stretch marks and prevents their formation
  • Firms body contours


The Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream comes in a 150 ml tube containing a pink colored emulsion soft touch designed to aid LPG® Anti-aging Complex which smoothens small skin imperfections and improves skin radiance. This treatment also includes a micro-peeling effect to achieve that radiant and glowing skin.

The cream’s active ingredient called hyaluronic acid plays an anti-aging role on the skin by decreasing skin roughness, wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. It synthesizes collagen and elastin and prevents their degradation.


Good to Know:

Stretch marks are scars appearing as wrinkly, raised streaks. It is caused when the skin is stretched too quickly due to pregnancy, puberty or even weight gain. Find your nearest LPG Endermologie centre to get the best body treatment option for you.


The Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream is intended for topical application on the entire body especially on stretch marks. To apply this, squeeze an amount of the cream enough to cover your entire body. Gently apply the cream especially on areas with stretch marks until complete absorption of the product.

Apply the cream twice a day every morning and evening to the entire body and before each body LPG® protocols.

Complementary Products:

To complete your Endermologie® Skin Toning, Cellulite Smoothing and Aqueous Cellulite protocols, use the Firming Contour Fluid with other Endermologie® cosmetics:

  1. Body Shaping Gel
  2. Orange Peel Smoothing Complex
  3. Draining Detox Serum
  4. Firming Contour Fluid
  5. Light Legs Mist


Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to high temperature.


The Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream contains 2% LPG® Exclusive Anti-aging Complex consisting of Hyaluronic Acid, 2 active ingredients that boost elastin and collagen production in the skin tissue and 5% A.H.A. (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) also known as fruit acids which promote cellular renewal.


  • Paraben-free
  • Phenoxyethanol-free


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