Replenishing Firming Cream 50ml


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The Replenishing Firming Cream creates a natural hollowing effect on your cheeks and aims to correct skin according to your skin age. 

Specifically it:

  • Restores volume, redensifies and smoothens skin
  • Produces an instant rounded effect


The Replenishing Firming Cream comes in a 50 ml airless dispensers designed to aid Endermologie® Skin Awakening protocol which is a 4-step youth activator treatment that revitalizes the cellular regeneration of the face and neck. This treatment also includes a superficial chemical exfoliation twice a month on alternate weeks to achieve that radiant and glowing skin effect.  

The cream’s active ingredient called hyaluronic acid plays an anti-aging role on the skin by decreasing skin roughness, wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. 

Good to Know:

Facial hollowness or the loss of fullness of the face is caused by aging specifically impaired fat cells around the face. Find your nearest LPG Endermologie centre to get the best face treatment option for you.


The Replenishing Firming Cream intended for topical application on the face and neck after applying the LPG serum. 

To apply this on your face, wash and dry your hands first then apply squeeze a small amount of the serum enough to cover your entire face and neck. Gently apply this starting from the neck and moving upward to the forehead.

Apply the cream twice a day every morning and evening to a clean and dry face and neck.

Complementary Products:

To complete your skin awakening protocol, use the Replenishing Firming Cream with other Endermologie® cosmetics in this order:

  1. Preparing Cleansing Water
  2. Post-Care Collagen Mask
  3. Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum
  4. Replenishing Firming Cream    


Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to high temperature.


The Replenshing Firming Cream contains 6% LPG® Exclusive Anti-aging Complex consisting of Hyaluronic    Acid, 2  active ingredients  that boost elastin and collagen production in the skin tissue and 1%  VoluformTM, a Lipoaminoacid promoting isoleucine addressing the cells that maintain the face’s plumpness and firmness.


  • Paraben-free
  • Phenoxyethanol-free


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